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“Are People of Color Subject To The NAACP?”

“Are People of Color Subject To The NAACP?”
Gregory V. Boulware

Is it not true that our history, Black People/People of Color, portray us as being untrue to our own? Have we not proven the fact over and over again by continually disrespecting our Brothers and Sisters? Have we not given respect to those who do not deserve, desire, represent, nor care for People of Color while denying that same respect to those who do? Have you not witnessed such events?

I think you have.

How did you feel when you noticed someone of so-called celebrity status and disallowed contact for fear of ridicule or misplaced low self-esteem? “I know that person…he/she is the representative that I’ve seen on TV, Who Spoke at My Childs Graduation Ceremony, The Church, The Community Meeting, and the News Media!” You make the attempt to press the palm of the individual only to be dismissed as something just above an annoyance…insignificant. But the person in question is held to a higher standard…a hero, a role model, to be admired, respected, someone that was supported at the poles and/or in the surroundings of ones’ home, among family and friends!

You got the opportunity to meet and greet this icon only to be waved off and or set aside. This individual will be courting your vote and/or your support the very next week as prerequisite to an upcoming campaign! He or She will want your undivided attention, your unyielding support, your utter and complete belief and allegiance to and for the cause…yes?

This situation was shared with a couple of friends and it was suggested not to take it personal. I take it personal when someone who sets him/her-self above the folks they profess to represent and then portray themselves as such while believing they can get away with being rude! Also, thinking the person of said contact is such that you are privileged to dismiss when it is such a person who is depended upon for belief and support of the movement and/or the betterment of all.

"Jerry Mondesire, NAACP PRESIDENT, PHILADELPHIA, PA. ran as a Clinton delegate in his congressional district, but got crushed by what he calls the "no-name Obama people." The state Democratic committee then appointed him as an at-large delegate."

"Raised in New York City's Harlem, Mondesire began his career campaigning for black candidates in Alabama and South Carolina during the 1960s. He then turned to newspaper reporting, first for the Baltimore Sun, then for The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he covered the administration of controversial Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo."

"Mondesire left the Inquirer in 1980 and spent the next decade as chief of staff to then-Rep. William Gray. In 1991, he started his own weekly newspaper, The Philadelphia Sunday Sun."

"During the Pennsylvania primary, Mondesire maintained his outspoken support for Hillary Clinton, criticizing Obama's stance on health care and gun control. At the party convention, he says he wants to make sure Obama comes out in favor of universal health care."

"Other than that, he says, the convention is one big party — and an opportunity to get face time with campaign staffers."

"Mondesire says he's now happy to support Obama"; walked past my house on several occasions while patronizing the business of my neighbor. I had the opportunity to introduce myself there as well as the ‘Obama Rally’ in Vernon Park during the campaign for President of these United States. I did not. I choked.
However, this day, I gathered the courage to go over to the shop were his vehicle(s) are serviced to say hello. My neighbor, an auto mechanic and owner, seemed a bit uneasy while they were conversing. He appeared intimidated by him. I really didn’t wish to interfere, but time was of the essence as I wanted the men to continue their conversation. Interjecting, I said hello to Brother Mondesire, owner of a Philadelphia Newspaper, a fellow Person of Color, only to receive a reciprocating grunt, a handshake was shared while he gazed elsewhere. Yes…he never even looked at me! “Hello Brother Mondesire”, I said. “My name is Gregory V. Boulware, I live next door!” “I just wanted to say hello to you!” The man never bothered to look at me…he didn’t conjure an effort to look me in the eye! He said, “Can I deal with my car now?” Was I not worth a look-over? My neighbor appeared to be humbled at his presence. Was it because this individual was a customer?

I wonder?

I had no plan of asking him for anything. I did not ask for advice, his opinion, the time, or his help in any way! Did I deserve to be disrespected as someone who is insignificant, a lesser being, of someone who was annoying? Was I the brunt of his anger? He appeared to be disgruntled with un-welcomed news regarding one of his vehicles. I wondered if he was having a bad hair day?

I wonder how someone would feel if they experienced this kind of an interlude? Would he/she be impressed with one of the leaders of the all-powerful NAACP? Would one be encouraged to become a member of this long-standing and respected institution? Does the NAACP represent people of color who are deemed unimportant? Are we, as people of color, adhered to sovereign or subjugative responsibility to this organization? Is it not an exciting and voluntary honor to become a dues paying member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)?

Does this scenario represent the message that our respected representatives wish to convey? How are we supposed to react when we have the opportunity to say hey to one who is recognized as our representative and often looked upon as one of us? Are we supposed to bow, gaze elsewhere, and/or salute.

I wonder.

Do you?

After leaving the shop were the two men stood, I went home sanitized and washed my hand with soap and hot water….real good.

Til next time…

Peace and Love,


“Are People of Color Subject To The NAACP!” Historical Black Colleges and Universities
BIA-Black In America:
Tuesday, January 12th 2010 at 9:20PM

Sounds like a problem Bro. Greg. but as I advised an associate...if you are not a paying member
don't look for support from the Naacp. Stay up, this is only one example of what's going on.

Marta Fernandez,HBCU-BIA
Tuesday, January 12th 2010 at 10:16PM

Greg, I would have to disagree with your friends who said not to take it personal. That's exactly
what it was, personal. And I'm sorry to hear of it.

Steve Williams,HBCU-BIA
Wednesday, January 13th 2010 at 12:00AM
Tuesday, January 12th 2010 at 11:53PM

Thanks Brother Steve: I agree! This type of attitude is undesireable and unprofessional. After
all, he is in the position of representing downtrodden people. That's why I thought folks needed
to know what type of character is in our corner...or not! So I've decided to share the story with

Peace and Love My Brother, Greg.

Gregory Boulware,HBCU-BIA
Wednesday, January 13th 2010 at 3:08AM

Greg, one of my sisters in Phila is the most easy going agreeable persons one could ever meet,
and to tell you the truth, I hope your present mayor never has any thing bad happens to him
while he is in office...She was so upset (and still is) as she said, about your Black mayor doing
that con job on our people to get elected so right after this he turns around her trust to back

Hillary...well need I say more...except that since I live in California and it is so unpredictable when it comes to 'pay back' our present governor may be learing his last year in sacramento like the last governor did.(smile)

Irma Robinson,HBCU-BIA
Wednesday, January 13th 2010 at 12:41PM

Thanks Irma:

We've all seen it time and time again... We place trust and belief in certain individuals only to
find the same ole stuff, "Well I've got mine and to hell with yours."

Irma, unfortunately, IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Peace and Love,


Posted Tuesday, January 12th 2010 at 9:01PM by: Gregory Boulware
To (and from) My Email Group:
Hello everyone:

I would like to share an experience with you. Something profound happened today concerning a
representative of the NAACP.

View the posting and let me know what you think about the situation.

Peace and Love,

Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:40 PM, Vince Hall Wrote:

As Salaam Alaikum Bro Greg,
Deep Bro! I tried to post a comment but I don't know if it went through. Here is the comment
maybe you can post it for me:

Don't worry about it too much Bro. As you can see, we need to represent ourselves individually
and be the best we can be at all times dispite who claims to be with or against us. No longer
can we look to ANY man to do what we should have been doing for ourselves all along. Men
can be bought and sold!

We will Walk As the Kings and Queens we ARE and no one , I mean

NO ONE can strip that title away !

Stay Up Bro!


"Boulware" - 'Chief Counsel for The NAACP' 


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